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Welcome to ENG015, Rhetoric & Composition, customized by Penn State University for the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America! This course is unique in that it offers both group work (in the site-based workshops) and independent study, where you'll build on concepts and practices begun at the Las Vegas learning facility. Though independent study can be challenging, the skills you develop as you progress through your course bring many personal rewards and help to develop strategies that will serve you well throughout your career. The more you invest in your learning process, the more you will benefit.

You  have  up  to  four (4)  months  to  complete  ENG  015,  but  since  you  complete  the  course  at your  own  pace,  you  may  finish  well within  that  period. Lesson  1  in  your  Study  Guide will help you plan your schedule.

Successful progression through ENGL 015 will help you to enhance your performance as you fulfill your ongoing teaching responsibilities by improving and enhancing your presentation skills. There is no textbook for ENGL 015, all the materials that you need are provided in the Study Guide or at the class itself.  The Study Guide, will help you progress steadily through the course. The independent study portion of the course consists of 6 lessons. The readings and how to use the workbook can be found at the beginning of each lesson. All lessons will be submitted via Penn State‚Äôs Angel Course Management system. Details are available in the study guide. 

I am pleased to have the opportunity of working through this course.  INSTRUCTOR INFO

I  encourage  you  to  get  started  on  the  course  right  away  (begin  by  reading  the  introduction  of your Study Guide carefully), and continue at a steady pace.  

If   you   have   questions   about   administrative matters, you   can   e-mail   Penn   State   at lxb34@psu.edu.  Please submit your lesson assignments to me through the Moodle website.

I look forward to working with you as you enhance your knowledge of Training  in  Industry  and Business!



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